Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ducklings: Finally

Love at first sight. I am head over heals for these little Cayuga ducklings.

We have had chickens for years now but never ducks. Not that I haven't asked Gary over and over about getting some. In my mind they make great pets. Cute, entertaining, useful, and cute. Yup. I even think adult ducks are cute and I actually called them pets. 

Boon, Dock, and Pontoon. They even have names in honor of our boy's favorite country singers Little Big Town. Most animals (chickens) don't get names. These little ones are here for our enjoyment. We look forward to their eggs. Hope one is a drake (male duck) so that we can hatch more babies and really hope that they aren't ALL drakes. They will work for their food eating bugs in the yard. I honestly won't say when but I hope in the future to enjoy roasted duck for Christmas dinner. 

Please don't buy ducklings on impulse. We are set up and prepared for them. We have ample feeders, waterers, housing, bedding, feed, etc. It was extremely easy to bring them home because we have been keeping livestock for several years now. No animal should be bought on impulse. They require work, time, commitment. These cuties are already making quite a mess but we expected that and that is exactly why I would say... "maybe this year we will get ducks" every year for four years. 

This was purchase was researched for several years and perfectly timed. We were ready. Hopefully they live up to our expectations. I could very well see us enjoying ducks and replacing chickens. The chickens are great but you better watch out for that three foot hole that wasn't in your yard the day before. You might fall in. 

For more pictures please visit us on our facebook page.

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