Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chew Resistant Rabbit Bowls... Um No

Seriously. Does this look chew resistant?

Well this actual cup wasn't listed as chew resistant but the second set we bought were. And they look WORSE...

Before you say, didn't you give your rabbits something to chew on? The answer is yes. YES! Apparently the fun wood disks I gave them to toss around wasn't enough. Plastic is just tastier, right? Yuck.

During the warm months we use stainless steel small dog bowls on the outside hutches but moved the rabbits inside (meaning the old chicken coop and not inside my house) for the winter in hopes to limit frozen water bottles and to keep breeding... neither happened. Well we needed new bowls because the stainless steel ones were screwed to the wood frames outside. No problem. Just buy rabbit feed cups from a site like this. Well, as you can see, money down the tube. Ugh! I hate that.

Let this be your warning. Don't bother with plastic feed cups, but don't spend a fortune like we did. Instead, visit your local dollar store. Find heavy, flat (not easy to tip), ceramic food grade dishes.

They are attractive (yes that matters to me), easy to clean, easy to label on the bottom, and hold enough food. Why didn't we do this in the beginning? The same price as the "chew resistant" plastic food cups and minus the expensive shipping (sorry bunny web site). You could buy ceramic crocks at a pet store but I haven't ever witnessed them as cheap as a $1.00.

Now just because I enjoy inspiration, here are some of my heroes in the rabbit raising world coming up with some great rabbit raising ideas. They have fantastic ideas for pasture pens (love them!) and feeders and such. I am waiting for them to solve the dreaded frozen water bottle problem. Seriously rabbit bottles are the major downside of raising rabbits. A huge chore.

Look at their neat feeder:

Visit Skyview Acres for more wonderful inspiration in the rabbit raising world. Here is their tutorial on the coffee can feeder. Another source of inspiration from Backyard Meat Rabbit board I am part of on Facebook is this hay feeder. I will have to give this one a try. 

I would appreciate it if they didn't chew on it though...

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