Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Rabbits and Their Greens

They rabbits are enjoying summer. They will enjoy it even more when we get their rabbit tractors going. Right now though I am happily bringing my buns fresh grass, herbs, thinnings, and even weeds.
Meet the bunnies!


Broken New Zealand


New Zealand

Baby Girl

Meat mutt (BNZ + Mini-lop)

Baby Boy (needs a home!)

Meat mutt (BNZ + Mini-lop)

Runner or Spot 

Meat mutt (BNZ + Mini-lop)

Only my handsome Mr. Cottontail is missing from the photos. He could care less about the greens. I have no idea why. He eats them eventually... sort of. Time to go and check on the bunnies in the heat. They have a fan but it might be hot enough for frozen bottles to lay against. 

I am really looking forward to Mama and Baby Girl's litters. Little bunnies are just adorable. We are looking into adding some new stock and are really interested in Heritage breeds. Silver Foxes for instance. Who knows what the future holds!

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