Friday, May 17, 2013

There is Always Something To Do: Calling Volunteers


The to do list is long and some times overwhelming for these part time honest farmers.

Our solution is to keep a running list of what needs to be done, take a lot of deep breaths, and to be flexible. Very flexible and let go. You just can't hang on to what can't get done. Remembering we will get it done eventually (we always do) and put it out there to the world in case there are any willing volunteers.

When we bought this house and property we didn't have two little ones running around our knees. Getting our ambitious summer chore list completed was a bit easier. Every year that list is amazingly long and includes sweeping changes. This year is no exception! I mean... why stop now?

So here it is. Our list. Call it a "to do" list. Call it a "wish" list. Either way I am putting it out there.

  1. Finish creating beds. (Tilling, putting down paper, moving dirt).
  2. Move mulch
  3. Mow & Weed wack
  4. Weed
  5. Plan/Set up irrigation
  6. Cut down trees (yes we do this all the time on our own)
  7. Clean large rain barrels, move and set up
  8. Fix long bed next on south side of house (edging was washed out this winter)
  9. Create trellises
  10. Fix fence and put up additional panels (on going)
  11. Clean chicken coop
  12. Help build/modify old wood rabbit hutch into duck coop and adjust pasture for ducks
  13. Plant
  14. Clean greenhouse
  15. Plant kitchen garden
  16. Paint egg station
  17. Paint side of house
  18. Landscape front yard (weed around trees and front bed) and put in mulch. Plant annuals.
  19. Start additional transplants
  20. Fix compost piles/make easier to maintenance
  21. Help with new storage area behind chicken coop
  22. Make wood chips with our shredder for chicken coop 
  23. Help build new rabbit hutches/rabbit tractors
  24. Save (?!?) the asparagus bed
Certainly the list will grow but any help is such a deal breaker for us. A special thank you goes out to our faithful helper, Mike Gardner. Along with my (Lauren's) parents who faithfully help when they can; especially with child care.

And for anyone considering volunteering we can offer you food and drink and gratitude. You are helping local food and a small family farm get established. At the end of the day nothing feels so good as having enjoyed the sun and be a bit sore from good, honest work. 

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