Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Change of Plans: Fast Deer Fence

Sunday we work our tails off and were able to planted 160 heirloom pepper transplants and 100 tomato transplants. In the last four years the only time we lost tomatoes was when we had an un-fence yard and garden. We went to bed Sunday night tired, sore, and happy at our accomplishment. Not a care in the world....

Did you see it? The top of the tomato chewed off? It could have been worse. The plant should recover but it could have been so much worse. Thankfully is was only ONE plant. I credit our beagles that are penned 20 feet away from this plant, but whatever convinced them to leave. We thank God!

Do you see the deer track? We had a lot of these prints all over the yard. Probably an older doe and a few younger ones. Nothing else was damaged. Now we have had deer IN the yard since fencing it all in but the garden always had a separate fence because of the dogs, chickens, and kids. Much harder to fence in the garden when it is the whole yard. No double deterrent. 

Do you see it? The deer hair on the top of the fence in the middle. The fence was bent and covered in hair as the deer made a hasty retreat. Love those beagles. I have never been happier to have dogs living outside (with proper accommodations of course!) than I was at this moment looking at the fence. 

If you were following on facebook then you know that we decided to put up a quick deer deterrent fence. One that hopefully wouldn't hurt them. We don't want to come out to a crazed,  hurt animal. At a late afternoon hour we used what we had and made a hillbilly deer fence. Rope we use to pull down trees, zip ties, plastic garden fence that various people have given us rather than throwing it out, and kitchen molding from Kraft maid that was given to us for basically free. 

Extending our fence posts with molding.

Another view.

Getting dark. First section done. It took until midnight to get the whole side of the yard that was at risk deer "proofed". 

Daylight view. It doesn't look horrible. It is a good thing we did it last night. Gary heard the deer start behind our back fence and walk along the rail road tracks as he was finishing up. I was in the house sleeping at that point with the kids. 

A few adjustments and this is staying until we have time to put up more wooden fence. Which won't be for another month or so. Nothing like using what you have and keeping other people's trash. Hoping the grass on our side of the fence will all be beds of lettuce in another month. 

Now we are thinking about the other side of the yard. One place is an option for deer to get in and we are thinking of stringing cans and CDs to discourage them. 

Do you have deer problems? How do you keep them from eating your food?


  1. It is nice to see the number of things you are doing in half acre of land!

    Nice work.

    1. Dear Isaac -
      Thank you very much for the complement and for visiting our blog. I think people underestimate what they can do with very little land. We are blessed to have this property and are doing all we can to make the most use out of it. Thank you again. Lauren & Gary


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