Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Have I told you how amazing our neighbors are? They have lived here for 30 + years and have just been the best and most supportive people we could have imagined.

For example:

  1. They loan us ladders, tools, and the huge spot light we have been using to harvest at night.
  2. They invite us to family holiday gatherings.
  3. They put up with our crazy ideas and our chickens, beagles, and other nonsense. 
  4. They are artistic, handy, and love animals.
  5. This last Sunday the husband sharpened the mower blade of our trash picked self-propelled lawn mower. Then he fixed and tuned up our wood chipper.
  6. They would gladly help us with our animals & we help them with theirs.
  7. They cut down trees that over hang our yard so that we can get more sunlight. That is HUGE because they love trees (not that we hate them). 
  8. They think a community garden on the empty railroad lot next to ours is a good idea... maybe someday.
  9. They have an acre!? How cool is that.
How did we get so lucky? 

The neighbors on the other side... well. At least we got here first. Just kidding. I think they will warm up to us as well. They did notify me when the great chicken escape happened and helped me chase a chicken back into the yard. 

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