Saturday, June 8, 2013

Our Duck House: Using Pallets & Shadow Box Fence

Update: Our Duck House 101 was published on It details how we built this house and materials you could use. Honestly, this house is just using recycled, on hand materials, and doesn't require a lot of building experience. Thanks for visit. Please share what duck, goose, or chicken houses you have built. 


Our lovely Cayuga ducklings are all grown up. How do you say "Cayuga"? Good question listen here.

It seem pretty certain that we have two drakes (left & right in picture) and one duck (middle). It is time for them to be in their grown up pen and out of our greenhouse. Putting them near the chickens and rabbits makes daily chores much, much easier.

Boon, Dock, and Pontoon. We are looking for a girlfriend for Pontoon. 

Fairly nice size area for the ducks and any future ducks. I am not a fan of their mess (or smell!) however so we will be routinely adding fresh wood chips to keep mud and water from becoming a stinking mess. Ducks are amazing at mess.

Devoid of green? No worries. They will be getting lots of green stuff supplemented to them and we are growing a pasture grass blend that I think they and the chickens will really enjoy. 

Ethan helping inspect our new duck house. It needs a few refinements but it was completely free. Old shadowbox fencing and wood pallets. Last year we went to a local fence company and made friends with the owner and picked up fencing that they would have to pay to have shredded and trashed. We even were able to get brand new fencing that was torn out and replaced because of contractor error. Major plus! But back to ducks...

A metal dog crate door seals them in at night and we are laying down vinyl tile for easy cleaning. Either the top or the backside will come off for access to wet or dirty straw/hay. 

Ethan showing how the ducks will go in and come out.

Ethan practicing hearing safety.

Our duck house. It needs a sign...

Duck "pond". We are trying out different options but I insist that it have a way to drain (bottom or side) and that I can brush clean (usually every other day). This is just temporary so expect to see changes and improvements. 

Installation of the dog door. Now we just have to get the ducks to put themselves away at night. 

Fun Fact:
Did you know that Cayuga ducks often lay "black" eggs? They get lighter as the laying season goes on. The black egg below is from a Cayuga duck. 


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  1. This is a cool picture, as it really shows how well this fence was built. A good privacy fence will have a smooth "rolling" top as it goes up or down hills and this one could not be any smoother.split rail fence cost


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