Monday, June 17, 2013

Rain Water Collection

We have several rain barrels hooked up to our house gutters and plan to add more to our greenhouse and chicken coop area. I feel comfortable watering the chickens & ducks from the rain water (especially from the coop and greenhouse roofs) because they so readily drink from puddles even when fresh city water is offered. I often wonder if it is the chlorine and fluoride they wish to avoid...

Anyway, we were given an awesome 300 gallon tank. It needed cleaning and Gary had to cut off a part of the top to clean and sanitize inside but it is totally clean now (dirty on the outside in the photo). We hooked it up just in time for the most recent storms and already have a quarter of a tank. Ideally, this tank will help water the raised bed areas.

This will definitely be a blessing even though this season is proving to have enough moisture so far. I have pinned some elaborate and simple irrigation systems involving rain barrels on my Pinterest boards. I am grateful that in Ohio it isn't a crime to collect rain water as in other states.

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