Saturday, June 15, 2013

Trying Something New: Transplanting Beets

Transplanted 50 beets into a recently emptied raised bed (well part of a raised bed) and plan on direct seeding the rest of the bed when the rain lets up. We will see how using soil blocks and transplanting beets turns out. I know other farms have used this technique with some good success. Germination rate with the soil blocks were better on the heirloom Golden Beets and showed no real difference in the various heirloom red beets (the red beets germinated well with direct sowing)

We have been disappointed with germination rates with some of our direct seeded beds of various crops so far this season. There are a number of factor such as depth of sowing, temperatures, and consistency of watering to factor in. We have also found that to better utilize our small space, in comparison with large farms, we need to sow multiple crops in one bed in a process known as intercropping. Where beets didn't germinate in one raised bed we sowed an heirloom romaine lettuce among those that did. 

Clearly our planning, planting, and timing of succession crops needs to improve. Learning as we go.

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